Watch your wedding video at your wedding.

The Same-Day Edit is a great way to celebrate your wedding with those who attended. Our team of videographers and editors will create a video that will surprise and amaze your friends and family. The video is shot and edited the day of your wedding in time to be played at your reception. 


Frequently asked questions:

"How does it work?"

We shoot and edit a short (3-5 minute) video of your day that can be played at your reception and posted on Facebook before you've even had time to update your profile with your new last name.

"No, like how are you able to do that?"

Lots of experience and planning. We shoot everything the day of the wedding but we make sure we have a clear outline of the day so we know what to expect and how to capture it on video. We start editing within an hour or two of arriving and an editor is working on your video from that time until it is finished. 

"But that's crazy! The same day?"

Yes, it is. And yes, really the same day. 

"How do you know you can finish in time?"

We have an experienced team who know how to finish the job in high quality, quickly. We have powerful computers and high-speed SD cards to help us complete your video in time. We also have backup cameras, audio recorders, SD cards and even backup computers. We require at least 30 minutes between the last event on the video and playing the video for your friends and family.

"That all sounds expensive..."

While it does require an extra person for the whole day and a dump-truck full of pressure it doesn't have to be too expensive. In most cases the Same-Day Edit can be done as a substitute for the highlight video for only $400 extra.

"What if you can't do it?"

While this isn't a problem we've run into, we recognize that we don't have complete control over everything that happens during your wedding day. If something prevents us from finishing the video that day we will not charge you for the Same-Day Edit but you will still get that highlight video shortly after your wedding day is done. 

"How do I make this happen?"

To finish your video we need a power outlet and a quiet corner to work. We edit from a laptop and can work pretty much anywhere but somewhere not too far from the action is best. 

"Should I bring a projector or A TV?"

We recommend HD TVs over projectors because the quality is much better and color is more consistent. We don't recommend relying on a friend's projector unless it truly is a professional quality projector as they often are not bright enough or end up washing out the color to achieve an artificial brightness. Many DJs can supply TVs for your video or for an additional cost we can bring and set up a 50-inch TV.

"But will it be any good?"

Absolutely. We are able to achieve speed without sacrificing quality by using powerful equipment and direct communication between our editor and videographers. We decide what specific shots to get as the day progresses and as we get to know each couple. This means that the editing process is more efficient because we are not having to sort through hundreds of clips, but just clips that have been shot as the day progresses. Still wonder how the quality stacks up? The videos below were Same-Day Edits:


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