Let us share your Birth Story

There is nothing more beautiful and sacred than a child being born into a family. Whether it be through natural birth, C-section, or even adoption, it is our passion to capture these beautiful moments of life and preserve them for you and your loved ones. 

Birth Video

Our birth video will capture your deliver day, filming the moments of active labor, the delivery of your baby, and the incredible moments afterwards of meeting your little one for the very first time. This is all done with your privacy and integrity in mind. To maintain the modesty of the mother, we remain at her shoulder throughout delivery. It is also our goal to remain as unobtrusive as possible. What makes this film so special is it allows you to go back and experience the your baby’s birth day.


First Day Video

The First Day Video is exactly that; a film encompassing special moments of your baby’s first day in the world, with filming taking place after delivery. We love being able to take in the sacred moments of mom and dad meeting their sweet baby for the first time. Not only that, but on this day mom becomes grandma, child becomes brother or big sister, and sibling becomes aunt or uncle. This film makes a great birth announcement particularly for the quick turn around.


ADOPTION announcement

Just as important as a birth announcement, is an adoption announcement. Adoption is something our family holds very dear to our hearts and it brings us great joy to help new and experienced parents introduce their new little one. In this film loved ones will be able to see the every-day loving interactions of mom and dad with the newest addition to their family. This film utilizes pictures and video you have taken of your family’s first meeting in addition to an option for us to record footage of your new family.

Video Pricing

Birth Video

One videographer with a 3-5 minute video posted online within one week - $1000

First Day Video

One videographer for up to two hours with a 2-3 minute Announcement Video posted online within 24 hours. - $400

Adoption Story video

Interview with the couple about the adoption. - $500

Adoption announcement Video

A short video of your new addition set to a song - $300


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