Tri-Conf 2014

Tri-Conf is a yearly conference in the Tri-Cities that is organized, planned and presented by the attendees. The content is chosen by those who attend and nearly all of the speakers were local Tri-Citizens who just had something they thought others would be interested in. The topics are wide ranging from JavaScript to home-brewing beer to what it's like to live with autism

With so many people sharing so many ideas it can be hard to catch all of the talks that may interest you. This year JK Productions was the official media sponsor of TriConf and we aimed to solve that problem. We set up cameras so that volunteers could record each talk and edited the footage of the 81 talks given over three days to provide attendees and non-attendees with a way to watch the talks that they missed or share a talk with a friend. 

You can watch all of the talks over at the official TriConf Vimeo channel but first you should watch Christopher Turner's excellent opening keynote from this year's TriConf: