Rudy + Eden

We loved being a part of the Ochoas' Big Day! It was the first snow that the Tri-Cities had this winter, but the love you felt between Rudy and Eden and their wonderful families was enough to melt anyone’s heart.

It was so fun to see each of their families come together to unite and encourage this couple. The venue was a fun challenge to film the ceremony in, with Rudy and Eden in the middle of a circular sea of loved ones on every side; but it turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Rudy and Eden decided to save the first look for when she walked down the aisle. We loved that we could get that perfect moment of Rudy’s face when he saw Eden as his bride for the first time. These are the moments we live for!

We were also able to capture some of the outdoor photo shoot they had after the ceremony. Like we said, it was snowing earlier so it was COLD! With the wind chill it was definitely below freezing but they really stuck it out. Eden was such a good sport and it was well worth the cold because those shots turned out stunning.

The dancing at the reception lasted well into the night, celebrating the tender-hearted toasts of loved ones and kicking off Rudy and Eden’s life together with a joyful bang! What a perfect day.