Rudy + Eden

We loved being a part of the Ochoas' Big Day! It was the first snow that the Tri-Cities had this winter, but the love you felt between Rudy and Eden and their wonderful families was enough to melt anyone’s heart.

It was so fun to see each of their families come together to unite and encourage this couple. The venue was a fun challenge to film the ceremony in, with Rudy and Eden in the middle of a circular sea of loved ones on every side; but it turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Rudy and Eden decided to save the first look for when she walked down the aisle. We loved that we could get that perfect moment of Rudy’s face when he saw Eden as his bride for the first time. These are the moments we live for!

We were also able to capture some of the outdoor photo shoot they had after the ceremony. Like we said, it was snowing earlier so it was COLD! With the wind chill it was definitely below freezing but they really stuck it out. Eden was such a good sport and it was well worth the cold because those shots turned out stunning.

The dancing at the reception lasted well into the night, celebrating the tender-hearted toasts of loved ones and kicking off Rudy and Eden’s life together with a joyful bang! What a perfect day.

Tri-Conf 2014

Tri-Conf is a yearly conference in the Tri-Cities that is organized, planned and presented by the attendees. The content is chosen by those who attend and nearly all of the speakers were local Tri-Citizens who just had something they thought others would be interested in. The topics are wide ranging from JavaScript to home-brewing beer to what it's like to live with autism

With so many people sharing so many ideas it can be hard to catch all of the talks that may interest you. This year JK Productions was the official media sponsor of TriConf and we aimed to solve that problem. We set up cameras so that volunteers could record each talk and edited the footage of the 81 talks given over three days to provide attendees and non-attendees with a way to watch the talks that they missed or share a talk with a friend. 

You can watch all of the talks over at the official TriConf Vimeo channel but first you should watch Christopher Turner's excellent opening keynote from this year's TriConf:

extra mile

I have a problem. Sometimes I can't say no to a cool edit. I'll be shooting a project and then I get an idea of some little thing that would be a cool effect or great transition piece and I'll spend hours perfecting it in post. Sometimes these are little things that I'm not sure a client will think that much of, or they'll be ideas that really make an impression. But either way, I can't not do it.

Jon and Karli were married in Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. It was an incredible venue and they were a fun couple to follow all day. For their exit, they wanted to leave through a tunnel of sparklers held up by their guests. After their exit they wanted to do some long-exposure shots with pictures and words showing up as traced lines drawn with sparklers. 

Long exposure doesn't exactly work on video. Aside from effects edited in post, you can't get the same effect. Karli suggested we could do it with the video and I told her it just wouldn't be possible. We made sure to record Jon and Karli with the sparklers and then packed up for the night.

When we got home I was looking through the footage and got an idea. At the time I hadn't had much experience with motion graphics or any sort of animation, but I wanted to learn. I spent a few hours learning Apple Motion and another few hours trying to apply it and we able to accomplish this:

This wasn't in their contract. It wasn't something I had promised to the couple. It might not have even been that big of a deal to them, but it was a great closing shot to wrap up their highlight video and I wanted to make their highlight video great. 

This is what we mean when we say that video is our passion. Regardless of the time it takes or what the minimum requirements may be, we want to make great video. This means creating a unique video for each client, not a set pattern that we use every time. It is so much more rewarding to be able to create video that is great than to create video that is acceptable. Great video is our passion.